Feel Refreshed

✓ Infused with marine collagen

✓ Just 60 calories per serving

✓ Zero sugar & low alcohol

✓ Two delicious styles: rose & chardonnay

Be Nourished

✓ Supports bones, skin, hair, joints, and more*

✓ 3,000mg wild marine collagen

✓ Made with organic juices & sweeteners

✓ Delicious and refreshing

Find Support

✓ 10 grams wild marine collagen to support strong bones

✓ Supports cancer recovery, lupus, and Lyme disease

✓ Special formulation for better absorption

✓ Convenient single-serve packaging

Whole. Body. Wellness. Powered by clean marine collagen.

Our products

Collagen Powder

Formulated to support bone health • 10g wild marine collagen • Convenient single-serve packets

Collagen Wine

Refreshing • Low Alcohol • Low Calorie • Zero Sugar • Infused With Marine Collagen

Collagen Drinks

Infused With 3,000mg Wild Marine Collagen • Supports Hair, Skin, Joints, & Bones • Daily Support

Made with the cleanest marine collagen on the planet

Collagen is literally what holds our bodies together. It's in our skin, our bones, our joints, our hair—it's the most abundant protein in our bodies.

Every single year after the age of 20, every one of us loses 1-2% of our natural collagen reserves. The only way to replenish our collagen is by consuming a daily dose of a high-quality collagen source, like our wild marine collagen.

Studies show that regular collagen consumption—taking between 2,000-10,000mg per day—can support bone density, skin elasticity, joint health, hair thickness, nail strength, and more.

Wild marine collagen is a form of collagen derived from sustainably caught small fish.

It is the cleanest and most bioavailable form of collagen on the planet because it comes directly from the deep, cold waters of the Atlantic ocean.

We use wild marine collagen because studies show it to be more effective and sustainable than other forms, like bovine collagen from cows.

PureWild Co. wines were created to give you a better-for-you wine with less calories, lower alcohol, and zero grams of sugar per glass. We created a formula to infuse each bottle with marine collagen for an extra boost of wellness.

Anyone who wants a super dose of collagen! Each packet contains 10 grams of our sustainable wild marine collagen.

Our Transcendent Marine Collagen daily powder is specifically formulated to support bone loss as a result of cancer recovery, autoimmune disorders and osteoporosis.

Studies show that the 10 gram dose in each packet can also support skin elasticity, hair thickness, joint health, and nail strength.

Notes from the Wild

What are the benefits of collagen for skin?

What are the benefits of collagen for skin?

One of the best reasons to take collagen is because of its benefits for skin health.
Introducing PureWild Co. Wine

Introducing PureWild Co. Wine

PureWild Co. is pleased to announce the imminent arrival of its brand new low-calorie, low-alcohol marine collagen wines.
Why wild marine collagen is better for you, and for the planet

Why wild marine collagen is better for you, and for the planet

Every time you drink a bottle of PureWild Co., you're not just helping your body; you'...

Our founder's story

I started PureWild Co. in my kitchen in Ojai, California in 2020. I was really looking for a delicious way to get a daily dose of clean collagen. A friend from Los Angeles was visiting and when she tasted my drinks she said ‘You should definitely start a company!’ Now PureWild Co. is for sale in every single state! 

I used organic juices, adaptogens like turmeric, ginseng and holy basil, and just a small amount natural sweetener like organic honey or organic agave because I don’t like the taste of artificial sweeteners. Then I blended in 3000mg of the amazing marine collagen that I’d found! And I’m so happy that our customers love PureWild Co. drinks as much as we do.

I have friends who are recovering from breast cancer and autoimmune diseases. These women were asking me for jars of my formula so I created our Transcendent Marine Collagen for them.

I want all my friends to enjoy the benefits of collagen whether you're enjoying our drinks, wines, or daily supplements.

All of the good, none of the bad.

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