Our Story

From the beginning, PureWild Co. has always been about creating delicious products using the best ingredients in the world. We formulated our wines with a dose of collagen so that every glass has a healthy boost. Why not?

PureWild Co.’s name is from our mission to create wildly inventive and purely sourced products to support our community and our planet.

Our Inspiration

PureWild Co. was inspired by life in California’s Ojai Valley, home to organic farms, heirloom citrus, and an ecologically and artistically inspiring lifestyle.

Our Wines

We partnered with an incredible winery in California's Sonoma Valley, one of the finest wine-producing regions in the world, to produce two refreshing collagen wine varietals: a crisp chardonnay and a dry rose.

Our wines are low calorie, low alcohol, and feature zero grams of sugar per serving. Finally, a wine you can feel good about drinking.

Our Drinks

A delicious and refreshing blend of wild marine collagen, organic juices, and organic adaptogenic herbs. We also add a dash of raw organic honey or raw organic agave syrup (depending on the flavor) as natural sweeteners. We give 1% to the Sierra Club to replenish our planet for our ingredients.

Supports bone strength, skin elasticity, joint health, hair thickness, and nail strength.

Our Supplements

Our Transcendent Marine Collagen daily powder is the first collagen supplement formulated specifically to support women experiencing osteoporosis as a result of treatment for breast cancer and autoimmune disorders.

It was inspired by our friends who asked us to create something to help them navigate their journey to health.

We partnered with an oncologist and nutritionist to create a daily powder with superior absorption and maximum strength for comprehensive post-treatment collagen support.

PureWild Co. is a proud partner of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and proud sponsor of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Charitable Giving

PureWild Co. is a company that believes in giving back.

We pledge 1% of our profits to the Sierra Club.

For every three boxes of our Transcendent Marine Collagen sold, we will donate a box to a person in need.

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