Introducing PureWild Co. Wine

Introducing PureWild Co. Wine

PureWild Co. is pleased to announce the imminent arrival of its brand new low-calorie, low-alcohol marine collagen wines. Made to the same exacting specifications as PureWild Co.'s popular marine collagen drinks, PureWild Co. collagen wines will be available at launch in two different styles: a refreshing chardonnay and a dry rosé.

PureWild Co.'s collagen wines are better for you by design. Each bottle has gone through a collagen infusion process. We have also specially formulated them so that a 5oz pour has just 60 calories and 6-7% alcohol by volume; both are around half of what's found in a similar pour of conventional wine. That's a benefit because wine this delicious begs for a second (or even third) pour.

We source our chardonnay and rosé grapes from vineyards in California's Sonoma Valley, one of the world's most famous wine-growing regions.

Our chardonnay is light and refreshing with notes of pear and vanilla. It's perfect for warm days at the beach and evenings with friends.

Our rosé is dry with notes of watermelon and strawberry. We like to drink it poolside in the afternoon or share a glass with our love while watching the sunset over the Ojai Valley.

PureWild Co. wine is currently available at select retailers in southern California. It will soon be available for purchase online as well.


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