Why wild marine collagen is better for you, and for the planet

Why wild marine collagen is better for you, and for the planet

Every time you drink a bottle of PureWild Co., you're not just helping your body; you're helping the planet too. That's because all of our drinks feature a special ingredient called wild marine collagen, which our bodies are able to use better than any other type of collagen on the planet. What makes this wild marine collagen such a superhero of a supplement?

Like all collagens, wild marine collagen is used by your body to promote skin elasticity, hair thickness, nail strength, bone density, and joint health. Wild marine collagen is special, though, because of where it comes from: the sea and not the land. Allow us to explain.

There is no getting around the fact that collagen comes from animal protein. Many of the collagen products on the market—especially drinks—are made with bovine collagen, which comes from farmed cattle.

Now, we don't know about you, but we're not the biggest beef eaters. We don't like the fact that even grass-fed farmed animals can still be treated with drugs, antibiotics, and hormones. We also don't like the carbon footprint of livestock farming, which accounts for almost 15% of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions and often contributes to things like deforestation.

By contrast, we source our wild marine collagen from sustainably caught fish reeled in from the deep and clean waters off the coast of Nova Scotia. Wild-caught fish are not treated with drugs, hormones, or other adulterants because they are wild! Wild fishing also produces far fewer greenhouse gasses—in fact, pound-for-pound, wild-caught fish is one of the most planet-friendly proteins you can eat.

Now, we know what you're thinking: "That's great and all about the environment, but how does it taste?" We're glad you asked! Our wild marine collagen goes through a special proprietary process that makes it both tasteless and odorless, a key reason why each bottle of PureWild Co. is so refreshing.

So, now you know! The choices we make as consumers may seem small, but added together, they can have a big impact. Choosing wild marine collagen is one way that you can help the environment while helping your body and practicing self-care.


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