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Collagen is a protein produced by the body that supports and strengthens your skin, joints, muscles, bones, hair, nails, and gut lining.

As we age, our bodies produce less collagen internally. The only way to replenish the body's collagen is by ingesting it in the form of animal protein.

There are many collagen supplements on the market. The most common form is low-quality "bovine" collagen sourced from the hooves and skins of livestock.

PureWild Co. makes all of its products with wild marine collagen, which is considered to be the gold standard of collagen sources.

Wild marine collagen comes from fish. Ours is from wild-caught white fish sourced from a family-run fishery based in Nova Scotia.

Our wild marine collagen powder is produced by hydrolyzing the skins, fins, and bones that would otherwise be thrown away by our fishing partners.

This produces a tasteless and odorless powder that easily mixes into juices, smoothies, and hot drinks.

The body is better able to absorb wild marine collagen because it is made of smaller molecules than other collagen sources.

Wild marine collagen is also the most sustainable choice because fishing produces far less carbon emissions than livestock farming.

Studies show that collagen can help support bone density, hair thickness, nail strength, skin elasticity, and joint health among other benefits.

The reason for this is because all of these things are comprised of collagen.

As we age past 20, our bodies use up our reserves and stops producing as much on its own. The only way to restock the supply is by regularly consuming high-quality collagen sources, like PureWild Co.'s range of wild marine collagen products.

Between 3,000mg to 10,000mg of collagen each day is the amount shown by studies to provide the most benefit.

The exact amount is less important than establishing collagen as a regular part of your daily diet.


PureWild Co.'s delicious wines are low calorie, low alcohol, and contain zero grams of sugar per serving.

We infuse each bottle with marine collagen for an extra wellness boost.

Yes, all PureWild wines are gluten free. Grapes do not contain gluten and our winemaking process does not involve gluten.

All of our wines are 60 calories per serving.

All of our wine is made in California's Sonoma Valley.

Collagen Drinks

There is 3,000mg of wild marine collagen in each bottle.

Adaptogens are herbs that help your body deal with mental, physical, and emotional stress.

PureWild Co. currently uses three adaptogens in its beverages: Holy basil for stress reduction, turmeric for mental performance, and ginseng for energy.

We source all of our adaptogens from organic, kosher, and certified non-GMO growers. 

Our drinks stay fresh on the shelf until the expiration date.

However, they taste best when served cold straight from the bottle or over ice.

Always refrigerate after opening.

No. Our marine collagen infusions are only sweetened with a small amount of raw organic honey or organic agave syrup—nature's healthiest sweeteners.

Yes. We do not use plastic in our packaging.

As with any functional food or beverage we recommend checking with your doctor or healthcare provider.

Yes, PureWild Co. is gluten-free.

No. PureWild Co.'s collagen contains marine animal byproducts.

PureWild Co. is certified Kosher by the Union Orthodox.  

The National Organic Products list has not approved any collagen to be certified organic.

Our collagen is from a wild source. It is also certified non-GMO, Halal, and Kosher.

We use only organic juices, organic adaptogens, and organic sweeteners with triple-filtered water to create our marine collagen infusions.

We will apply to be certified organic as soon as the NOP adds collagen to the list.

Transcendent Marine Collagen Daily Powder

Each pouch contains 10 grams of wild marine collagen.

We worked with an oncologist and nutritionist to create a special formula to help support bone density, which is a common complaint of people who have these conditions.

Yes! Our daily powder is a great way to get comprehensive collagen support no matter whether you have a medical condition or not.

Shipping & Returns

We offer free shipping on all of our products within the continental United States.

We ship our non-alcoholic drinks and supplements nationwide. 

Our wines are currently only available for shipment in California, but we will add more states soon.

We’re happy to replace any products damaged in shipping with a 30-day period.

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact customer service at for a refund.

To request an order cancellation, please contact us at

We are unable to cancel an order if the package has already been confirmed as delivered by the carrier.

You can reach out to UPS directly to arrange a different delivery date.

We recommend signing up for UPS MyChoice where you can manage your shipments and receive delivery updates.

An adult signature (21+) is required for delivery and UPS will make three delivery attempts before the package is returned to our warehouse.


Our subscription program is a subscribe and save model.

Our drinks and supplements ship monthly with a subscription.

You may sign up to receive wines shipped to your door on your schedule.

To sign up for a PureWild Co. wine subscription, simply choose the variety, quantity, and frequency that fits your needs with a six bottle minimum.

Save 15% plus free shipping on every subscription order.

You can modify, skip, or cancel anytime by creating an online account.

*At this time, we are unable to offer free shipping for subscription orders going to Alaska or Hawaii.

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