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Marine Collagen-Infused Chardonnay

$69.99 /Single bottle
A light and refreshing wine with hints of green apple on the nose and a dance of heirloom citrus on the palate.
(Single bottle)
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    • Just 60 calories per serving
    • Zero added sugar
    • 7% abv
    • Infused with marine collagen

    Tasting notes -  Green apple, meyer lemon, oro blanco grapefruit, buddha's hand rind, and a hint of honeydew

    Low alcohol -  Each bottle of PureWild Co. Collagen Chardonnay has just 7% ABV—half found in most chardonnays

    Low calories - Each serving has just 60 calories

    We donate 1% of the profits to The Sierra Club. The most enduring and influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States.

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